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4 days ago

This answer for this questrion aaaa nnnnnnnAdding and Subtracting Monomials Name: Score: Solve for each variable. 8e 7e 3x 2x c Sc 6a 6a. z (-3z) p 3p 6f 7f 2, 2 2, 2 r 12r a b a b 3a 5a 7a 3a 3c 4c y 2y x y 2x y 4x 5x 4v 5v y 4y 4r 2w 8w 5r copyright

Test Question: Hours, minutes, clock, how long. 45 min

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The correct answer is 11 + 5 = 16

                               11 - 5 = 6


2365 is the smallest 4 digit odd number that can be made using the digits.

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